Gallery Hours: The Gallery is open by chance or by appointment, I am in the studio most weekdays and am happy to open on a weekend if I am able, please call me at 705 812 3306 to make a time to meet, or take the chance and pop in, thanks, Sandra

picture of Sandra Silberman maker and designer of Dotti Potts pottery.



324 Saunders Road, Unit 4
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Gallery Hours:

I am open by chance or by appointment. I am in the studio most weekdays and am happy to open on a weekend if I am able.

Please call me to make a time to meet, or take a chance and pop in.

Tel. 705 812 3306


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Dotti Potts is your go to for beautiful durable contemporary everyday handmade pottery.

Sandra creates gorgeous designs in various colours. I personally love the ivory, the oatmeal and the slate collections. The 16 ounce mug is my absolute favourite. My family and friends love the wine cups. We use them for all beverages. My daughter loves the medium dip bowl for ice cream! Just the perfect size for a treat! Everything looks and tastes better in Sandra's pottery.

Sandra's personality is exemplified in all of her creations.

Thank you Sandra!


I love my many Dotti Potts pieces and use them every day! They look great, I love the textures, and they're incredibly durable - I've had some of my mugs and bowls for more than 15 years. I love giving them as gifts because I know they will be well received and well used! 


The necklaces arrived today and they are so nice - the wine cups arrived very quickly and they are gorgeous as well!  All of these pieces were originally purchased as gifts....but I'm keeping one of the necklaces and two of the wine cups, they're just too nice to give away :)
Beautiful work, thank you!