Hello, I’m Sandra Silberman, welcome to Dotti Potts.


Back in 1993 I decided to get creative by enrolling in a pottery course at a community centre. I fell in love with clay from the very first class. That same year I began selling my work at a local market, It was so thrilling actually selling something I had made. Soon after I immigrated to Canada and a year later my husband Gavin & I set up Dotti Potts in Toronto’s downtown west end.

Dotti Potts have been designed to enhance daily rituals such as, eating, drinking, entertaining, relaxing, meditating and more. Durable porcelain clay is used which makes Dotti Potts safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave.

I am always excited to head to the studio, my interaction with my craft brings so much joy to my life and feeds my soul on a daily basis. The marriage of clay, glaze and heat is simply magical. I am so drawn to the element of surprise that the kiln process creates, opening the kiln after a firing is the most exciting thing ever, mud is transformed into a stone like material that will be around for thousands of years.

I feel truly blessed to be so passionate about clay and to make my living this way. Thanks to my wonderful customer’s continued support I am able to do what I love. Clay has endless possibilities, after 3 decades of working with it I feel like I’m just beginning…